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Vincenzo Nardiello

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Vincenzo Nardiello
Born (1966-06-11) 11 June 1966 (age 58)
Weight(s)Super middleweight
Height5 ft 10+12 in (179 cm)
Reach73 in (185 cm)
Boxing record
Total fights41
Wins by KO19

Vincenzo Nardiello (born 11 June 1966) is a retired former world champion Italian boxer in the super middleweight division.

Early life and amateur career[edit]

Nardiello was born in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany. A former world champion in the super middleweight division, he and Roy Jones Jr. are best remembered as the two boxers who were controversially robbed of decisions against eventually Olympic light middleweight gold medalist Park Si-Hun in the last two rounds of the 1988 Olympics despite Nardiello and Jones clearly landing more punches in their bouts. Two of the judges in Jones versus Si-Hun finals were banned for life after the tournament, while the third admitted his card was a mistake, with Jones being named the outstanding fighter of the tournament.[1] Si-Hun apologized and retired. The stain of the 'bad decisions' in the 1988 Olympics stayed with Nardiello and Jones for the rest of their careers. 36 of 37 Americans got decisions in boxing in the 1984 Olympics in the United States, and the South Koreans had vowed to get back at the American media for being terribly wronged in 1984, and Nardiello and Jones were targets of the South Korean scorecards of the time. Nardiello, who lost a 3–2 split decision Park Si-Hun, felt he had been cheated, argued with the officials at ringside and had to be physically dragged from the Seoul Olympics ring area.[2]

Amateur achievements[edit]

  • 1984 Italian superlightweight champion
  • 1985 Silver Trofeo Italy
    • Lost Jose Luis Hernandez (Kuba) WO
  • 1986 Italian superwelterweight champion
  • 1986 Winner Trofeo Italy
    • Defeated Kalin Stoyanov (Bulgaria) KO 2
  • 1987 Italian middleweight champion
  • Represented Italy as a Light Middleweight, at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Results were:
    • 1st round bye
    • Defeated Likou Aliu (Samoa) KO 3
    • Defeated Quinton Paynter (Bermuda) KO 2
    • Lost to Park Si-Hun (South Korea) 2–3
  • 1988 Winner Trofeo Italia – Venice, Italy
    • Defeated Renato Mastria (Italy) 5–0
  • 1989 Silver Box-Am Tournament – Huelva, Spain
    • Defeated Javier Martinez (Espania) KO 3
    • Lost to Theuer Marco (Germany) 0–5
  • 1990 Winner Trofeo Italia – Venice, Italy

Professional career[edit]

Nardiello turned pro after the 1988 Olympics and won seventeen consecutive bouts. On 13 December 1991, Nardiello was stopped in the 11th round of his first world title bout by WBA Super Middleweight champion Victor Corboba in France. He then won and lost, regained and lost again the European Super Middleweight title in bouts in Italy and France. After knocking Massimiliano Bocchini in Italy, Nardiello again challenged for a world title, but was stopped in the eighth round of a London bout against WBC Super Middleweight champion Nigel Benn, in Benn's first bout since his bout with Gerald McClellan who sustained critical injuries.[3] Benn then lost his title to Thulani Malinga, lost his last three title bouts and retired in 1996. Nardiello qualified for another world title shot by knocking out Norberto Bueno in Italy. On 6 July 1996, in Manchester, England, Nardiello defeated WBC champion Thulani Malinga to win a share of the World Super Middleweight title in his third attempt. Nardiello lost the WBC title in Milan, Italy, later in 1996, when he was stopped by Robin Reid[4] After winning three more bouts, Nardiello was unsuccessful in his final world title bout, getting stopped in the sixth round of a WBC World Super Middleweight title bout against Richie Woodhall (who had lost the 'other' 1988 Olympics semi-final bout to Jones) on 13 February 1999.[5] Nardiello retired after winning a six-round decision over Glenn Odem in Italy on 29 May 1999.

Professional boxing record[edit]

41 fights 34 wins 7 losses
By knockout 19 7
By decision 15 0
No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
41 Win 34–7 United States Glenn Odem PTS 6 1999–05–29 Italy Bari, Puglia, Italy
40 Loss 33–7 United Kingdom Richie Woodhall TKO 6 (12) 1:44 1999–02–13 United Kingdom Telewest Arena, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, U.K. For WBC Super middleweight title.
39 Win 33–6 Bulgaria Stanimir Todorov TKO 1 (?) 1997–10–04 Italy Vibo Valentia, Calabria, Italy
38 Win 32–6 Mexico Nino Cirilo PTS 6 1997–09–17 Italy Fiumicino, Lazio, Italy
37 Win 31–6 United States Tim Bryan KO 2 (?) 1997–05–10 Italy Palasport, Roma, Lazio, Italy
36 Loss 30–6 United Kingdom Robin Reid TKO 7 (12) 2:59 1996–10–12 Italy Forum, Assago, Milano, Lombardia, Italy Lost WBC Super middleweight title.
35 Win 30–5 South Africa Thulani Malinga SD 12 1996–07–06 United Kingdom NYNEX Arena, Manchester, England, U.K. Won WBC Super middleweight title.
34 Win 29–5 Mexico Norberto Bueno KO 1 (?) 1996–03–09 Italy PalaLido, Milan, Lombardia, Italy
33 Loss 28–5 United Kingdom Henry Wharton TKO 6 (12) 0:52 1996–01–13 United Kingdom North Bridge Leisure Centre, Halifax, England, U.K. For EBU Super middleweight title.
32 Win 28–4 Mexico Rolando Torres KO 4 (?) 1995–12–16 Italy Voghera, Lombardia, Italy
31 Win 27–4 Spain José Bayón Vargas KO 3 (8) 1995–10–14 Germany Olympiahalle, Munich, Bayern, Germany
30 Loss 26–4 United Kingdom Nigel Benn TKO 8 (12) 1:43 1995–07–22 United Kingdom London Arena, Millwall, England, U.K. For WBC Super middleweight title.
29 Win 26–3 Italy Massimiliano Bocchini TKO 3 (?) 1994–10–26 Italy Spotorno, Liguria, Italy
28 Loss 25–3 France Frederic Seillier TKO 5 (12) 1994–06–11 France Le Zénith, Toulon, Var, France Lost EBU Super middleweight title.
27 Win 25–2 Italy Mauro Galvano PTS 12 1993–11–26 Italy Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Marino, Italy Won vacant EBU Super middleweight title.
26 Win 24–2 United States Bruce Starling TKO 2 (?) 1993–07–16 Russia CSKA, Moscow, Russia
25 Win 23–2 Uruguay Juan Alberto Barrero PTS 8 1993–05–28 Italy San Mango d'Aquino, Calabria, Italy
24 Loss 22–2 United Kingdom Ray Close TKO 10 (12) 1993–03–17 Italy Campione d'Italia, Lombardia, Italy Lost EBU Super middleweight title.
23 Win 22–1 United Kingdom Fidel Castro Smith PTS 12 1992–12–16 Italy Ariccia, Lazio, Italy Won vacant EBU Super middleweight title.
22 Win 21–1 United States Mike Peoples PTS 8 1992–10–03 Italy Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Marino, Lazio, Italy
21 Win 20–1 United States Kenny Snow PTS 6 1992–07–22 Italy Palazzo Dello Sport, Capo d'Orlando, Italy
20 Win 19–1 Paraguay Eladio Centurión KO 1 (8) 1992–06–25 Italy Acquaflash di Licola, Campania, Italy
19 Win 18–1 United States Troy Watson PTS 8 1992–03–12 France Cirque d'hiver, Paris, France
18 Loss 17–1 Panama Víctor Córdoba TKO 11 (12) 1:44 1991–12–13 France Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France For WBA Super middleweight title.
17 Win 17–0 United Kingdom Tony Burke KO 2 (6) 1991–10–12 Monaco Stade Louis II, Fontvieille, Monaco
16 Win 16–0 Argentina Edmundo Diaz TKO 4 (8) 1991–07–20 Italy Stadio delle Palme, Palermo, Italy
15 Win 15–0 Argentina Miguel Antonio Mosna PTS 8 1991–06–08 Italy La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
14 Win 14–0 Argentina Miguel Angel Maldonado PTS 8 1991–03–23 Italy Vallecrosia, Liguria, Italy
13 Win 13–0 Argentina Jorge Alberto Morello PTS 10 1991–01–26 Italy Arena, Sassari, Sardegna, Italy
12 Win 12–0 Argentina Daniel Ochoa KO 3 (10) 1990–11–16 Italy Piove di Sacco, Veneto, Italy
11 Win 11–0 United States Ismael Gonzalez TKO 5 (?) 1990–10–15 Italy Milan, Lombardy, Italy
10 Win 10–0 Belgium Gaston Cool TKO 4 (?) 1990–06–02 Italy Salice Terme, Lombardia, Italy
9 Win 9–0 France Jean-Paul Roux TKO 2 (?) 1990–05–12 Italy Arena, Sassari, Sardegna, Italy
8 Win 8–0 France Akim Zeroual TKO 1 (8) 1990–03–13 Italy Milan, Lombardy, Italy
7 Win 7–0 Ghana Franky Moro TKO 6 (8) 1990–01–29 Italy Milan, Lombardy, Italy
6 Win 6–0 Mexico Juan Graciano KO 1 (?) 1989–07–15 Italy Vigevano, Lombardy, Italy
5 Win 5–0 Dominican Republic Pedro Durán KO 1 (?) 1989–06–08 Italy Ostia, Lazio, Italy
4 Win 4–0 United States Sylvan Plowright TKO 1 (?) 1989–05–06 Italy Stadio Nicola De Simone, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
3 Win 3–0 Belgium Bechir Chaarane PTS 6 1989–03–10 Italy Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
2 Win 2–0 Belgium Jimmy Gourad PTS 6 1989–01–28 Italy Milan, Lombardy, Italy
1 Win 1–0 Belgium Philip Houthoofdt PTS 6 1988–12–22 Italy Milan, Lombardy, Italy


  • Brother of Giovanni Nardiello, a former Italian Super Middleweight champion, who lost an IBF world title bout to Sven Ottke in his only world title opportunity.

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