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Talk:List of Taekwondo Techniques by Belt

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Follow up[edit]

I did a quick run through and tried to change the focus of this article to make it more NPOV. I listed all the basic techniques I could think of and put a disclaimer in there. Still not sure if this article should remain as there are descriptions of forms and probably techniques on some of the pages linked from the Taekwondo article.


This varies widely from school to school. Any listed of techniques by belt level will be specific to a single school (and therefore both inaccurate and grossly non-neutral). Even the specific set of belts and types of techniques will be specific to each school.

I believe this article should be removed.

Original Comment[edit]


I do not know if this conforms to Wiki Standards, but this is more or less a list of techniques I have learned while taking Taekwondo classes. If Black Belts or Wiki Standards Experts can help smooth this article, please do so.

Thanks,--Karmafist 21:39, 19 Apr 2005 (UTC)


I don't see any harm in making a list of commonly taught techniques. If some schools teach a few other stances, and some schools leave out a few of the kicks, then no harm has been done. We just need to make clear at the begining of the article that this is not a full and comprehensive list, and that some schools may teach more moves or fewer moves than are listed here.